First Day Of School..

March 19, 2007

I was having mini panic attacks this morning.. worrying about whether I would be able to handle the kids..  the younger ones are alright.. but you worry about the older ones, because you don’t want them to be bored..

The programme didn’t go according to plan, as always.. as much as you try to plan things.. they never go exactly.. I feel lucky, because the kids I got were quite well behaved.. and it never fails to amaze me how creative they are.. or the wealth of their knowledge and the intelligence in their questions..

I guess, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a kid.. it’s been a long while since I’ve felt that childhood innocence..

I have some mixed feelings on how they can be so trusting and loving towards other people..  I adore the kids.. but I know there are people in the world who would use that innocence to harm them.. and the superhero in me wants to protect them so much..

On the other side though.. if you don’t let them learn to fly, they will never soar.. The best thing to do, is to nurture them while you have them under your wing..

I am pretty tired, I did try to sleep early last night.. I woke up bolt upright this morning, panic set in… you know what was pretty cute though.. as I was wandering out of the bathroom, contemplating what to wear, I got a mini scare from my cat Latte.. hehe.. somehow he managed to get in the house, and find my room so early in the morning.. Just in case I couldn’t wake up, I have a furry alarm clock to answer to.. hehe..

Right.. now I have to find some strength and energy to get myself to the gym today..


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