Trouble in Paradise..

March 20, 2007

My class of perfect kids became a class of perfect horrors today.

All because of one child…

.. who shall remain nameless for the sake of his privacy.. But this awful child disrupted everything from minute one.. and by the second hour.. I had little kids coming to me, pulling my hand saying “Teacher.. he’s doing this.. Teacher, he’s doing that..”

It came to the point where I was forced to tell him to behave, or else.. an ultimatum I never expected to use on an 8 year old.. I had visions of ‘Supernanny’ and ‘the naughty step’ in my head as I had to discipline someone else’s child.

Siti and one of the other parents were telling me he was also a disruptive child in school.. my worst fears were confirmed that just this one child became too much to handle..

I’ve given him two stern talks.. and tomorrow, I’m gonna have a new set of rules, just to address this new disruption..

Overall though.. the kids still surprise me..  I never expected the words drug addict and oxycontin to come out while I was talking to some of the older kids after class.. It just shocked me that they even knew Oxycontin was a drug..

What happened to days of blissful ignorance? The fact that these kids are getting too smart scares even me.. and I’ve seen the ugly side of life..

I have to laugh though.. my mother sat in for ten minutes of the class, and she found 15 screaming kids, demanding lots of attention too much to handle.. I think she was gonna throw a fit at the disruptive kid.. As much as I would have liked to see, I know no child is ever gonna recover well from that..

I’m exhausted.. I’m gonna try and take a nap now.. need to recover for round 3..


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