Fun School : Day 3

March 21, 2007

We’re past the halfway mark now.. Only one full day left, and presentation day on Friday.. And the kids have just about taken it out of me..

We had guests today..  my mom was lecturing upstairs to her students..  and they dropped by while I was having arts and crafts with my kids.. I think they were pretty surprised to see Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences being implemented all in one.. Not purposefully though.. It was a happy accident which worked out.. thankfully..

Our other visitor was Green.. who dropped by long enough to see my kids dancing.. I was like proud mommy.. They’re finally getting their steps together, and they’re moving quite well.. I love the fact that my kids are so awesome.. even the naughty one is behaving now.. a little tough love can work small miracles..

Mr. Baboo was brilliant today.. I was stuck on activities for my kids in the morning.. and he came up with one on the fly.. The kids loved it..

Though I am kinda relieved that we have one more full day left.. at the same time it’s also kinda sad.. I’m getting attached to my little monsters..


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