Like High School all over again..

March 21, 2007

I was at the gym tonight for a late personal training session.. I was hoping to catch someone there.. but he didn’t show.. I hung out with my old classmate D, instead.. we were swapping kid stories, and comparing Tri-Distance scores and what-not..

As I was taking my sweet time in the shower, I heard three distinct voices in the locker room.. At first, I wasn’t listening to what anyone was saying.. but then I heard a couple of things about people I care about.. I paused to listen to what they were saying..  Then the conversation turned even nastier.. I heard a couple of things being said about me.. I should have just stepped out at that moment and confronted whoever it was.. but instead, I just stayed in the shower until they left. I just couldn’t face whoever it was.. I felt attacked, and without cause..

I wanted to cry.. not because of the nasty things I heard about myself.. but the things they were saying about my friends..  I needed a hug, a real good one..

For some reason, I felt like driving out to Alladdin.. I needed a shisha.. I just wanted to be out to clear my head instead of heading straight home.

It was probably lucky that I did go.. Puppy was there with two of his friends.. Anyone who knows Puppy knows he gives the best hugs.. EVER! I felt a little better after that.. and I hung out with them for a while.. just to keep my mind of things..

Whoever it was.. I’m kinda mad that I didn’t confront them.. People can say stuff about me.. sticks and stones.. but people who say stuff about my friends.. HATE THEM.

Well, next time. I’ll probably figure out who they are.. if they’re fairly regular at the gym.. their voices were pretty loud and distinctive. So whoever you are.. You better watch your back.. You mess with my friends, you mess with me.. and I’m Wonder Woman…


One comment

  1. Oh dear… Those ppl can’t keep their gossips at a more secure place.

    And at least you have the heart to care more about what they said about your friends. Me, I would care more what they had said about me. I give good hugs too heehee 🙂

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