March 22, 2007

To hear the words, “I’m here if you want me to be..” made me feel a warmth that I had long missed..

I know that he has no idea what he’s getting himself into by involving himself with me.. I am a person fraught with inner turmoil, suffering and emotional baggage.. and the whole package is probably a whole lot more than he can handle..

But to overlook it all.. to accept me.. my mistakes; past and present, to see through the tough exterior and know that inside is frail and weak, to receive with open arms again despite the things I did to him recently.. I feel blessed.

He knows that my heart isn’t his to claim, yet.. and he knows that there is a chance he can’t make me complete.. but he will try..

And knowing that he will, it gives me hope to live and love another day.

Being human.. we always feel like there is a missing piece to us.. that we are not whole, unless there is someone to love utterly and completely.. I’ve discovered, we sometimes don’t need to be loved back.. to love is enough..

But to be loved back is bliss..

He knows that though there are pieces missing in our puzzles, he accepts that maybe we’re not each other’s missing piece.. he accepts that the fit is not quite right.. but he also knows, that sometimes, maybe we shouldn’t wait for the perfect piece.. maybe we can make the perfect piece..

Time and love will tell..

For now, he accepts fondness and affection.. and I am probably one of the luckiest women on the planet.. that he is humble and wise enough to know all these things..


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