Come back soon, Puppy…

March 23, 2007

Puppy with the bestest hugs in the world will be gone for a few months.. *sigh* I almost didn’t want to let him go earlier when at Alladdin.. I had to because I was suffocating him.. I was going to cry..

I offered to break his arm or a leg for him.. so that he wouldn’t have to leave.. but he has appendages of steel.. and I don’t think the chairs at Alladdin would quite do it..

There’s gonna be quite a big empty space at the table for a while..

It’s almost like the changing of the guard though.. Didi will be back soon.. I can’t wait to see him.. It’s been too long.. I hope he brought me home something.. hehe.. Preferably a hot man.. but any small thing will do..

Wow.. it’s almost the end of March already.. I got back here in July, and I feel so settled and considerably happy.. I have lots of friends.. new and old.. and it’s so amazing..

I was hanging out with some of my ghey posse tonight.. Lovely Des cooked.. It was oh, so fabulous… I stuffed myself.. and surprisingly well, despite the fact that my personal trainer, Ian was present.. hehehe..

I saw my other darling, Razi at the gym.. he’s been busy.. and it was the first time I saw him in ages.. We should hang out sometime hun, the three of us… I’ve missed you both..

So anyway, I’m off to bed now.. I’ll have the luxury of sleeping in ’til the Glorious hour of 7.30 am tomorrow.. it’s not much, but it’s heaven for someone who’s been waking up at 6.30 these past few mornings just for the School Holiday Programme.. as much fun as it was, I will miss those kids.. just not anytime soon.. hehehe

Right.. night y’all, hope all is right in the world with you..

And to dearest Puppy.. be safe, take care.. and we’ll see you very, very soon.. We love you..


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