I miss you, though I shouldn’t..

March 24, 2007

My heart is stubborn and won’t let go..  my head knows better and says that I should move on..

It’s unfortunate that I’m the kind of person who thinks with my heart.. rather than my head..  I rush headlong into things, and hurt myself a lot in the process..

I know I should think things through.. but when I feel it.. it’s like a fire consumes me and I can’t think straight.. alarm bells may be ringing in my brain, but the heart conquers all..

I admit to being so passionate and fiery, but that is who I am..  When things like that are such a huge part of yourself.. it’s hard to change..

Which is why, I’m willing myself to change.. I want to my heart to listen to my head, instead of the other way round..

I don’t want to hurt, and keep hurting.. because I feel so much for someone.. it burns..

And I don’t want to hurt someone else again..

But when the heart wants what it wants, what do you do? How do you tell it to stop wanting, yearning and burning?

You can’t.. you just wait.. and hopefully in time.. it will heal, and forget.. until then.. you keep on living..

This is love, and this is heartache..


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