*sniffle, sniffle*

March 24, 2007

My voice is slightly raspy, my nose is dripping.. and the back of my throat feels prickly.. No doubt about it.. I am sick..

But I still wanna go to the gym today because I am stubborn. And in case someone I haven’t seen in a while drops by.

I keep telling myself, now isn’t the time to get sick.. I have my Tri-Distance.. I have a feeling that it may be the sudden surge in activity and and the fact that I was pretty tired for most of the week that did it.

I know I should give my body a chance to rest.. but I’m just gonna do my best for the rest of the day.. and then allow myself the rest tomorrow.. Besides.. the symptoms are all from the neck up, and it’s still in the early stages.. I can still do moderate exercise.

Yeah.. I’m crazy.. but what are ya gonna do about it?


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