Misery just wants to be alone..

March 25, 2007

Since last night, I was utter misery.. I just wanted to be left alone to sulk and be sorrowful.. and contemplate the sorry state of my universe…

Unfortunately, my family is in some sort of “Happy Families” mode, and though I wanted to be left alone, I was forced out to dinner last night at Sheraton.. all the coughing and sniffling in the world just didn’t work..

Today was even worse.. I just wanted to sleep the day away, and I was dragged along to have a family portrait taken.. I don’t know whether it’s just hormones or the fact that I miss someone so much that I feel that parts of me are starting to rot away.. but I had a mini fit as I was getting dressed.. I just wanted to be left alone.. I don’t want to put on a nice dress and pretend smile, and do things I just don’t even want to pretend doing..

I just wanted to roll around in bed.. eat nasty stuff.. watch Gilmore Girls, and just be totally self absorbed.. I wasn’t even allowed that luxury.. This morning, my dad came in with my cat.. which was quite a rude awakening in itself.. but then.. he proceeded to do the whole “boyfriend/marriage” thing.. Argh.

I’m not in a very good place emotionally right now.. the things I want and the things I have are completely different.. I don’t know.. Give me a couple of weeks, hopefully when Auntie Flo comes and goes, I’ll be in a better place..

In the meantime.. apologies in advance..


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