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tunes to gauge my mood by :.

April 27, 2007

1) I swear – John Michael Montgomery

2) Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon

3) Baby Come Back – Vanessa Hudgens

4) Without You – Clay Aiken

5) You were always on my mind – Elvis Presley

6) Everywhere I Go – Katharine McPhee

7) Everlong – Foo Fighters


When girl meets geek :.

April 27, 2007

Since I started collecting Firefly-Serenity stuff.. my collection is growing at an exponential rate.. A couple of days ago, I bought posters… today, I’m collecting autographs, trading cards and postcards from the promotion of Serenity.. I’m working up towards that spaceship.. That would be so sweet..

I managed to get Sean Maher’s and Alan Tudyk’s signed photographs.. schweet..  I’m still trying to get Nathan Fillion’s one.. Starting out with the boys I fancy here.. hehe.. Will get Adam Baldwin’s & Ron Glass’ later on, along with the ladies.. Jewel Staite’s one is a little bit hard to find.. I’m guessing it’s because Kaylee is a really popular character..

I know I sound more than a little obsessed.. But I figure, I wanna collect this stuff now while I still can.. I lost out on the whole Stargate/seaQuest/Buffy/Star Wars collections.. This is so my entry into true geekdom.. Not that I care, I’m pretty much having fun buying all this stuff.. It’s not often that I indulge my true geek anyway..

right.. bells are ringing.. gonna go watch my auctions now.. laters..


Ugh :.

April 26, 2007

Dudes, be grateful that you so did not just have to spend an hour in a musty, smelly and hot place with no circulation whatsoever.. and an atmo like an oven..

I’m talking about the National Archives here people.. you know that building on a hill that’s preserving our nation’s history..

Jebus.. It should have been air-conditioned and dehumidified.. I was sitting in on my mom’s meeting in the conference room, looking through old STPRI magazines.. and I think I was hallucinating from the heat and lack of oxygen.. I was starting to see spots in front of my eyes, and I think I could hear chattering monkeys..

I love old book smell.. but that place has rotting book smell.. like mouldy pages and spores everywhere.. If those books and whatever aren’t preserved properly.. we’ll have nothing but piles of dust in the next couple of decades..



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April 25, 2007

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.: Wishlist :.

April 24, 2007

I just bought these:


Serenity Movie posters.

And these:

crew posterserenity poster

Firefly posters of the crew and the ship, which I will get framed and hang in my TV room.

But I want this:

firefly ship

It’s a replica of the ‘Serenity.’ It would go nice with my posters.. the listing on ebay is here.

I guess I know what my next purchase is.. hehehe.. after the sunglasses, before the t-shirts.

I love how I obsess…


.: It’s good to be single :.

April 23, 2007

“Are you sure, Miss ‘I’ve-been-so-emotional, -I’m-desperate-to-get-tied-down-and-start-having-babies’?”

Oh yeah, pretty sure..

“What changed your mind?”

Well, here are two of the reasons..

t-shirt t-shirt

Right, I know, I need to ‘splain myself..

I was browsing online earlier through some of my favourite shops for more Geek T-shirts.. I like my shirts with a message these days.. Though not many ppl geddit, it’s cool.. I’m carving out my own little niche in Brunei, girl with geek shirts.

It suddenly occurred to me that were I married, I wouldn’t be wearing these, I’d be in long sleeves, and a tudong, and saving all my beauty for my husband.. (*pause, tries not to retch on keyboard*)

So it’s kinda nice to get them now, while I’m unattached.. and parade my geek to the world.. and when I do get married.. I’ll be the Yummy Mummy with the geek shirts.. My kids will so have issues..

But they will be the coolest kids in the ‘Verse..


.:good day:.

April 22, 2007

.. today, though overtoned with the sadness of a friend leaving for the Police Academy, was a good day..

I didn’t cry.. not once.. and even the house has been decently peaceful.. I haven’t been thinking too much either..Didn’t feel the need to make any emotional phone calls, short or long distance..

If everyday could be like this, I’d really be okay.. I’m not saying that I’ve stopped missing him or caring about him.. Those feelings are still there.. strong and silent, like the deep current of a river.. But I’m able to handle them better now that I’ve got the worst past me.. I guess you could say, I’m all cried out.. either that or my heart is finally listening to my head and actually digesting what the hell is happening..

Zz called today, he just wanted to check if I was okay, and maybe if I had changed my mind.. I haven’t.. I told him I missed him though, and said I really, really needed to sort myself out because I’m pretty fcuked up for now.. I could hear the hurt in his voice and the disappointment.. Sometimes I wonder if he really needs all this emotional drama in his life.. It’s bad enough for one person to go through, but to have to tag along on someone’s mood swings and not understand what the hell is going on… It must be a real bitch.. and I don’t wanna be a bitch.. It’s too late though.. I have been that bitch..

I wanna make it up to him.. But I don’t know where to begin and how.. The obvious way.. would be to just give him what he wants, say yes, and start the process altogether.. But if I’m honest, and I have to be now with myself.. It’s what I want, but I’m not happy with.. I guess, I still need those answers.. even though I’m trying to make it through without them..

Here’s the crazy fcuked up thing.. You think, I would have learned my lesson, but I still have hope.. Aiyaa.. That’s what you get for being so stubborn..

On the bright side.. I’ve been to the gym three days in a row.. I’m getting back on my Tri-distance, no longer out to win, just out to finish.. I took so much time out, that a buncha ppl have already made the compulsory distances in a couple of events.. Good luck to them..

The rest of this month should be okay.. I got stuff to do.. My sister’s birthday is on Tuesday.. Going to KL & Singapore at the end of the week.. Zz’s still pushing for the parent meet while I’m there.. I’m not so sure.. I need time. We’ll all be going to the same wedding so.. we’ll see.. maybe it’ll be one of those weird coincidences you can’t plan.. or shouldn’t have to.

Come what, May.. (okay, cheap shot, I know..) even more schtuff should be happening.. S&N will be moving into their new place, my sister will be giving birth, I got a couple places to go to, and have to finish my Learning Styles trainer assessment.. But the big thing will be the confrontation.. if I’m not over things by then.. I’m gonna have to talk to the two men in my life, and get what I need from them.

Until then.. May there be more good days like these.. Hopefully every day..