Go, go Justice League..

April 1, 2007

I’ve had an entire week to wallow and feel sorry for myself..  It’s almost addictive.. But I know that it can’t last.. The longer I wallow, the longer I will stay in this enormous funk that’s eating me alive on the inside..  and I need to get back to the gym..

But at least, I had that week to self-indulge.. I needed it.. I needed it to purge and be selfish.. Get the emotions out, so I can emerge like that butterfly out of a chrysalis..

But it didn’t stop me from crying my eyes out last night.. or feeling hurt and incredibly lonely..

I called Thor out of desperation.. We talked for two hours.. It was a very much needed release and relief.. sometimes the words I need to hear are from her mouth.. she always speaks the truth, and she knows me so well, in ways no one else will ever understand.. I miss her.. very, very much..

I’m feeling much better today.. I hope that I will make it today without tears.. because I need to start fresh.. New Month, Renewed Vigour, and new hair.. Yes, I’ve decided.. definitely new hair.. I need it.. Part of the purge.. I’ll need to take pictures before I do.. I’ve never had it this long before.. and I doubt I will again, for a long time..

Right.. enough feeling sorry for myself.. Wonder Woman needs to get back to saving the world..


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