My New Bible..(Not literally..)

April 18, 2007

Figuring that I had probably reached my quota of needy this month.. after having to resort to calling friends in India in the middle of the night.. I knew I had to do something.. either with myself or my life. So I got this:

Not that into you book

Credit is due to the lovely Melk.. I should have gotten this book when she first recommended it to me.. but I had to wait for the next shipment. She saw me last month, looking pretty damn pathetic and sad, and she could see a broken heart a mile off. She gave me the sweetest smile and recommended me this lovely book.

I’ve only read the first three chapters.. and already I feel like.. WTF have I been wasting all my tears and emotions for? Get a grip, girl!

Can’t wait to get to Chapter Four… and the beginning of a whole new me..


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