You don’t need to be famous to have your e-mail hacked..

April 20, 2007

I was reading my favourite gossip website this morning.. Apparently, Lindsay Ho-Han’s gmail and MySpace account got hacked into.. Shiny! It was fun browsing through all the e-mails and myspace msgs that are allegedly hers..  I was thinking, if it was true.. I was glad I wasn’t famous (notorious maybe..) to warrant getting my e-mail address getting hacked into..

Then again.. thinking twice about that.. I remembered my old msn address was hacked into.. by an insane ex.. he wasn’t clever.. I was just careless.. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen.. this is where those answers to the security questions really count.. so remember ’em!

Ooh.. can’t wait to see the new Fergie video with Milo Ventimiglia in it.. From what I’ve seen so far.. it’s hawt! (Well, Milo is.. hehe..)

I can add Hairspray to the list of soon to be out movies I wanna see. The rest are : Transformers, F4: Rise of The Silver Surfer, Spidey 3, In The Land Of Women (O.C Eye candy Adam Brody!), The new Harry Potter, The Simpsons Movie, Penelope (Some modern day Fairy Tale starring Christina Ricci), Black Snake Moan, The Nanny Diaries (Chris Evans from F4, yum!), and the Hollywood remake of ‘The Eye’..

The one movie I’ve been keeping an eye on Production-wise is “Wonder Woman” supposedly released 2009 now.. It was supposed to be 2008 when Joss “Buffy & Firefly creator” Whedon was attached to the project.. Still no cast.. still no script.. Hmm.. I volunteer for both duties..  I do have the costume, you know.. hehe.. I’m actually thinking of turning up in the costume for the premiere..

Well actually, if someone paid me enough, I’d bloody go jetskiing in that costume around Empire..  hehe..


One comment

  1. You missed out ‘Grindhouse’ in that list, babe. Trust me. It’s awesome. I haven’t seen it yet, but I KNOW it’s awesome. I’m gonna wait till London so I can get the true DVD copy…

    Sorry I’ve been an elusive twat lately. Sushi catchup soon? We must!

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