happy topic: Firefly

April 21, 2007

I’m a Browncoat now.. definitely for sure. I had bought the series ‘Firefly’ a couple of weeks ago, on impulse, because I worship at the altar of the gawd that is Whedon.. When I saw the first episode, and the first scene was set in a war zone.. I was put off.. I’m a bit anti-war & violence.. don’t like movies about wars (seeing Windtalkers traumatised me).. even when I watched ‘300’, I was cringing behind my hands during the lengthy and very gory (to me) fight scenes.. [The one contradiction would probably be Stargate SG-1 is a military-esque show, so how come I can watch that? Easy, they do not do blood spurting and big-eeww war wounds, and they’re a PG show!]

A few days ago, while hopped up, I thought I’d give Firefly another look-see, because a) I was bored, b) none of the other series that populated my shelf was really calling to me, c) I fancy Nathan Fillion’s accent.

Since then, I have been hooked.. Firefly was definitely a series that was ended prematurely.. The characters are so varied and well-written.. You can’t help but love all of them.. The whole context of the Western style space opera (sans aliens) was so mindblowingly refreshing.. (And here’s the thing, I actually like aliens!) Zoe Washbourne is my new Carter..  and Mal Reynold’s accent.. heh.. that puts little shivers down my spine everytime he talks!

I had watched ‘Serenity’ before, but I only got halfway through, because the copy I was given was this really blurry, bad audio-camera shaking, stolen-off-the-cinema-screen, pirate affair, and it really put me off. Now, having watched ‘Firefly’, I can’t wait to get my hands on a clear copy. Heh..

Sometimes, the extent of my geekiness even amazes me..


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