.: It’s good to be single :.

April 23, 2007

“Are you sure, Miss ‘I’ve-been-so-emotional, -I’m-desperate-to-get-tied-down-and-start-having-babies’?”

Oh yeah, pretty sure..

“What changed your mind?”

Well, here are two of the reasons..

t-shirt t-shirt

Right, I know, I need to ‘splain myself..

I was browsing online earlier through some of my favourite shops for more Geek T-shirts.. I like my shirts with a message these days.. Though not many ppl geddit, it’s cool.. I’m carving out my own little niche in Brunei, girl with geek shirts.

It suddenly occurred to me that were I married, I wouldn’t be wearing these, I’d be in long sleeves, and a tudong, and saving all my beauty for my husband.. (*pause, tries not to retch on keyboard*)

So it’s kinda nice to get them now, while I’m unattached.. and parade my geek to the world.. and when I do get married.. I’ll be the Yummy Mummy with the geek shirts.. My kids will so have issues..

But they will be the coolest kids in the ‘Verse..


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