Ugh :.

April 26, 2007

Dudes, be grateful that you so did not just have to spend an hour in a musty, smelly and hot place with no circulation whatsoever.. and an atmo like an oven..

I’m talking about the National Archives here people.. you know that building on a hill that’s preserving our nation’s history..

Jebus.. It should have been air-conditioned and dehumidified.. I was sitting in on my mom’s meeting in the conference room, looking through old STPRI magazines.. and I think I was hallucinating from the heat and lack of oxygen.. I was starting to see spots in front of my eyes, and I think I could hear chattering monkeys..

I love old book smell.. but that place has rotting book smell.. like mouldy pages and spores everywhere.. If those books and whatever aren’t preserved properly.. we’ll have nothing but piles of dust in the next couple of decades..



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