When girl meets geek :.

April 27, 2007

Since I started collecting Firefly-Serenity stuff.. my collection is growing at an exponential rate.. A couple of days ago, I bought posters… today, I’m collecting autographs, trading cards and postcards from the promotion of Serenity.. I’m working up towards that spaceship.. That would be so sweet..

I managed to get Sean Maher’s and Alan Tudyk’s signed photographs.. schweet..  I’m still trying to get Nathan Fillion’s one.. Starting out with the boys I fancy here.. hehe.. Will get Adam Baldwin’s & Ron Glass’ later on, along with the ladies.. Jewel Staite’s one is a little bit hard to find.. I’m guessing it’s because Kaylee is a really popular character..

I know I sound more than a little obsessed.. But I figure, I wanna collect this stuff now while I still can.. I lost out on the whole Stargate/seaQuest/Buffy/Star Wars collections.. This is so my entry into true geekdom.. Not that I care, I’m pretty much having fun buying all this stuff.. It’s not often that I indulge my true geek anyway..

right.. bells are ringing.. gonna go watch my auctions now.. laters..


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