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A.M Sweat fest :.

May 31, 2007

It’s a public holiday today, so I figured that I’d fit in an A.m workout because everybody’s going to be hitting The Mall, and parking would be a problem.. Actually trying to even get near The Mall would be THE problem, traffic would just be murder..

The gym was pretty quiet, except for the Britney Spears music being blasted over the speakers. Please. What happened to all that cool rock music they were playing before? I don’t hate Britney but I’m not exactly looking to listen to her greatest hits while I’m pumping iron.. It just so doesn’t go.

Did my ‘animals’ today.. and mixed things up with my workout.. Is it okay for a girl to say that I felt extra sweaty today? I don’t think it was exceptionally warm in the gym today.. But I figure I’m probably not used to working out so early and  I kind of went out without really having breakfast.. just some chocolate milk.. and 100 Plus to sustain me during the workout.. Bad habit, I know.. I’m so used to not eating in the morning.. But that’s got to change so I bought some strawberry flavoured oatmeal to start the day with.. If only I remember to eat it!

Gawd, I totally hate fcuking mountain climbers..though I can do more now.. they’re still a fcuking thorn in my side.. like I need my shirt riding up everytime I do them, or problems with my shoes flying off. I’ll still do them though.. I just have a huge bone to pick with Ian when he gets back.

I managed to do 25 box jumps straight. I am pleased with myself.. (still loathe them though..) My heart rate was a massive 189 bpm after though.. Oy..  The things we have to do..

I think my stamina’s gone up.. and I know there’s changes in my arms. I’m still not happy with my middle though. I’m not trying to be extreme skinny.. God knows that I can never be that.. Though I do have a little envy for those girls with thin arms and tiny bods.. I have to accept that I am nowhere near that. God blessed me with the bone structure of an Amazon, and hopefully the strength of one too.. I’d be happy with a flatter middle.. and I will work to get it.

Auntie Flo came to town today.. explains why I was so emotional last night, and pretty bloated last week, and very spotty right now. *sigh* The monthly trauma of a woman. I need a massage, a facial and a call from my boyfriend, dammit!

Small victory today.. Last month I couldn’t fit into my favourite jeans.. (excessive muffin top, ugh!) Today, I could. even though they were still a bit on the snug side (no muffin top though!).. but hey.. the waist was loose! More deadlifts and squats, and soon they will be loose.. though I’m not too sure I want that to happen.. but hey, any reason to go shopping right?

Come on, Wannabe, you’ll be a slayer soon! If not Wonder Woman!


Crunch time :.

May 31, 2007

Yes Buffy.. it’s time to do your reverse crunches.

Workout was just a little off today.. I forgot to do my set of ‘animals’ warm-up stretches: the donkey, cobra, scorpion, frog and inch-worm. I don’t know the real names for the exercises, I just do them. I have to remember to do them tomorrow.. I always forget because I’m used to running straight into the weights after warm-up. I sure do gosh darn love my weights.

Today was all about the 50’s : deadlifts, push-ups, reverse crunches, etc..

I kinda skipped the box jumps today because I arrived late, and there was a class in the fitness room. I also skipped my shoulder press and switched them with upright rows instead. I’ve been trying to try them since I read about them in M&F Hers. Could only do two sets of 10, because my wrists have been bothering me lately. Note to self: consult Ian about this.

I added squats and pull-ups as well.. to switch it up.. still need to work towards my fitness goals..

A little bit of good news though.. all the work I’ve been investing at the gym has paid off.. I weighed in today with Ayeth, and to my great glee.. I’ve lost a couple of kilos.. Yaye! And this is the first time since I started working out that my BMI has dipped below 30. Gotta be grateful for small goals. Have to keep working.. want to show Ian some good results by the time he gets back from holiday.. so maybe I should just focus on the Buffy-ing and not worry about the defective social life. Go with what’s working with me right now.

Go for gold, Buffy..


These words are my own :.

May 30, 2007

From when I was little, I had grand illusions of becoming a journalist.. well, at least I dreamed about doing whatever it was that Kermit the frog did when he was on ‘Sesame Street News.’

I was told that he was a reporter, and I had to be a good writer to become one.. That wasn’t a problem.. I had been writing little stories since.. I can’t remember.. And because I practically devoured books from cover to cover, the English language wasn’t really a problem.

When I was 12 or 13, my mom bought a new computer, she gave me her old one.. I’ve forgotten what the name of it was.. I just remember it was a text based OS, and I really only had use for the word processing software. The damn thing took ages to boot, and it clicked, whirred and groaned loudly as it came to life.. It served it’s purpose to me well though, to record my early wordsmithery.

I would write late into the night, often ’til two or three in the morning, working on what I thought then was the most amazing space story that would ever be known to man.. I still have copies of the dot matrix printer pages today, but it’s a little painful to read because well, as you get older you realise, that maybe some of the stuff you wrote was just maybe a little OTT. But back then, it was my reason for getting by day to day, I often scribbled plotlines in the margins of my school work and couldn’t wait to get back to write the new chapter, or the next page. I think it may have been at least, 12,000 words.. It was a labour of love that took 3 years, endless sleepless nights, and a child’s wild imaginations and dreams that one day she would walk among the stars. I guess my love for science fiction started early, without me really knowing it.

As I grew older, I started writing more and more.. starting new stories almost on a weekly basis.. Churning out a page here and there, writing a paragraph of a potential plotline of stories that would never be finished.. I possibly now have over a hundred files, mostly Notepad ones, of little bits of plot, dialogue or just a line or two of an idea that flitted through my head and I just had to get it down. I even have some fictional articles that I wrote, practicing my potential craft, so that I may one day win the ‘Pulitzer Prize.’

My love for writing, and my interest in journalism go hand in hand.. I found myself becoming one of the editors of my school newsletter (crawling up from the ranks of reporter) back in high school, and later on worked on the journal at my boarding school.. I studied Journalism at university.. It was just another stepping stone on the way to the ‘big dream.’

Today, I am not a journalist. I’ve become a ‘Teacher’ of sorts.. but I have to admit, it’s such a personally fulfilling thing, touching little peoples’ lives, and hopefully inspiring them to greatness. I don’t regret the changes of direction my life has taken me.. because I get to help people. But there’s some part of me that will always feel the twinge for the chase of the story, the urgency of getting from script to copy, chopping and changing words on a story to get the right feel and tone. There will always be that journalist/editor in me.. That dream has not died.. neither has the possibility.

I just have bigger plans on the horizon.. One day, I will become not just a writer/editor.. but a publisher.. this is just a side journey that’s preparing me for the bigger one.

So life may take you where in wants to.. But never lose sight of what you really want. Just because you get sidetracked, or taken in a different direction, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up the dream.. maybe it’s a different way to the dream.. you never know.

So I tell myself.. But it will never stop me writing, plotting…

The clicks of my keyboard tell me so.


Sweet surprises are made of these.. :.

May 30, 2007

 Who doesn’t like surprises in the mail? I ask you, who?

As I was at the post office this morning, opening the parcel for the customs lady, I was wondering what it was because I hadn’t ordered anything on the Internet recently.. and certainly not books, as was listed on the parcel label.. I nearly fainted when I opened up to find..

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Where were you the day Superman died? :.

May 29, 2007

Great sons of Krypton, there’s a Superman/Doomsday animated movie? *squee!*

‘The Death of Superman’ was and still is my favourite Superman story arc..  Who didn’t read the story of Earth’s Greatest Hero (though I use the term loosely because most of the time he was just saving the U.S of A.), as it was covered in the media.. even black armbands with the famous ‘S’ were worn.. (I never got my hands on one, otherwise I would have worn it too!)

Superman/Doomsday is scheduled to be released in the U.S on DVD, for the shiny price of USD19.95, I am soo preordering mine.. I can’t wait to see how they’ve interpreted the story, how much of it will be in the movie (Will the other Supermen be in it? What about Supergirl?Are they going to reveal Doomsday’s origins? What about ‘The Radiant’? Betron?)

The other cool thing is, two of my favourite male Whedonverse actors are part of it. Adam Baldwin will be voicing Superman/Clark Kent, and James Marsters (oooh Spike!) will be voicing Lex Luthor (I know it will be a long shot.. but I wonder if he’s going to do it in an English accent!)  Not sure about Ann Heche voicing Lois though.. Big hmm over there..

May, get the hell outta here, roll on June and July! August, get moving… Please September get here soon!


Do I workout funny? :.

May 28, 2007

The gym was surprisingly quiet today, for a Monday.. The past few weeks have been nothing short of chaotic because of the launching of ‘Body this’ and ‘Body that’.. I just don’t do well in classes.. Give me free weights anyday..

As usual, I was the only girl working out in the free weights area. *sigh* It is so weird not having Ian there.. and plus.. I feel like my workout kinda sucked.. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m not pushing myself hard enough, or it was just a bad day..

It was definitely a weird day for sure.. I mean.. usually I don’t get a second glance from the guys.. I’m not being perasaan here, honestly.. today, two guys were giving me funny looks..

The first time was when I was doing box jumps in the fitness room… I still suck at them so every 10+ reps, I get so winded, I have to stop and take a breather..  Just as I was in the middle of my set.. a guy walked in.. I thought that maybe he was looking for someone.. and would go away, but he actually stayed for a bit and watched me.. Creepy much. I couldn’t help but think.. ” Damn, and I had to use the pants which make my butt look extra big today..”

The second time was when I was doing shoulder press in front of the mirror in the free weights area.. My right elbow clicks when it starts getting fatigued.. so I don’t know whether it was that or my crappy form which made the guy there doing seated shoulder press laugh. Yeesh. It’s just not my day.

Chun was at the gym today.. he was giving a little advice about supplements, and recommended that I take creatine.. I’m not too sure.. because I’ve read that it makes you bloated.. it’s bad enough being a woman and feeling bloated when Auntie Flo’s about to hit town, but do I really wanna feel the bloat all the time? Must ask Ian when he gets back..


Bad Lindsay! Naughty Lohan!

May 28, 2007

So Lindsay Lohan has been arrested on the charges of alleged drunk driving and the possibility of ‘contraband illegal items’ found in/near her car.

About time too..

Nothing personal against her… I just detest what kind of example she’s been setting for the millions of kids who idolise her…

With stories about the whole ‘alleged cocaine sniffing’ incident caught on video.. and underaged drinking.. It just enrages me..

She’s the star of many teen and tween movies.. I know a 6 year old girl who thinks she’s cool.. And it scares me.. I don’t want her to think that it’s okay to be like her.. She sets all these fine examples in movies, and there’s no denying she’s a good actress.. but all this bad behavior has got to stop..

Or go underground..

Lindsay, wake up and stop smelling the pixie dust, sweetheart..  When 11 year olds are spouting you as an example of a ‘prescription drug addict’, I think it’s time to go and get clean..