Fshbk7 a.k.a Good Day for Geeks :.

May 4, 2007

Heh.. I am a happy geek, cos I got to see Spidey 3 last night, and scored a free t-shirt.. Schweet! My thanks to the Zippy.. it was an awesome time..  Heh.. Plus I got to see a really hot dude.. yeah.. drool dripping all over floor.. Spidey 3 is teh amazing! Although half the time I wanted to kick Peter in the balls and stuff.. hehe.. will try not to spoil it for the rest…

I have a few niggling thoughts though:

a) M.J looked old-ish.. Kiki Dunst really has let herself go.. I loved looking at Gwen Stacy more than M.J cos she had such a fresh face.. Kiki, go get botox-ed or something, girl..

b) Continuity issues.. a couple of them.. *sigh* I was playing spot the movie mistake..

c) OK, the whole wannabe Shaft/Dirk Diggler scene? Uh.. so not cool.. I was cringing..

d)Tobey Maguire has hair issues

e)I cannot get over the fact that Sandman is Ned, from Ned and Stacey. I know Thomas Haden Church has a long list of other works (notably: George of the Jungle) but to me, he’s NED!, from Ned & Stacey..

f)Too many sniffy parts..good thing I wasn’t wearing eyeliner.. or I would have been raccoon-eyed… but sniffy parts good..

-end gripe-

Must. See. Spidey. Again. Hehehe..

I just downloaded the new episode of PvP: The Series.. I am so loving it.. Cos my favourite head geek, Wil ‘the star blogger’ Wheaton did a guest voice. Yay! Geeks of the world rejoice.. our leader has spoken! Hehehe…

Anyway, am sorta happy bunny.. had a good time last night.. friend slept over.. we talked for ages.. and ages.. and there were flying squirrel costumes, and transformers… and Venom broke my balcony..  Somehow dreams and reality don’t mix.. but they do..

I HAVE SERENITY! Yes… I have an original copy of the Big Damn Movie.. Yayyyyy! I was soo in tears when the Reavers killed Wash… River is so bloody amazing.. I wish I had Summer Glau’s flexibility.. she totally kicked butt in the movie.. I am happy, but I am also sad.. After Firefly, I had Serenity to look forward to.. and now that I’ve seen it.. I’ve got to get my hands on the comic, Serenity: Those Left Behind. That’s gonna be hard.. I don’t know why.. I so love these characters, I don’t want to let go of them.. I really wish stupid bloody Fox Network had not cancelled Firefly.. But it is one of the best Sci-Fi series I have ever seen.. and that’s saying a lot.. Me being the core Stargate Fan and all.. Whedon is my Master now.. I wanna poke around in his brain just to see how he comes up with all these amazing ideas..

Right.. Girl Geek needs food and sleep.. laters..

P.S: Fanty and Mingo are the hawtness


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