A wasted youth is better by far.. :.

May 8, 2007

.. than a wise and productive old age.. So Meatloaf says. I’m inclined to agree. I feel like wasting some youth here!

Because of all the new responsibilities and the coming-of-age/older-and-wiser vibe I’ve been giving out.. I’m feel like doing something stupid, just to balance all the chi. Like walk around in one of my geek t-shirts, sporting a bad-ass temporary tattoo on my neck. Yeah.. could you imagine the hell that would break loose? Okay, I’m not original, I did get the idea from Josh Harnett..

neck tattoo

But the idea is so m.f cool. I’m thinking either a dragon or a rose would be pretty sweet.. Hehe.. right, next party I’m going to, I know what I’m wearing!


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