My Browncoat thrill :.

May 9, 2007

I met up with the Zippy yesterday.. it was meant to be a moaning session, but she ended up telling me about the International Aerospace Adventure Exhibition in Malaysia.. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Yeah, I’m a space geek.. Since I was little, it has been a dream of mine to either go into or explore space.. that’s why I love the The Gate, The Trek, The War and Firefly.. there is something so cool about going into the Big Black and finding either new life or just discovering stuff beyond our star system.. or even in our wildest dreams..

I was lucky enough to visit the Kennedy Space Centre when I was younger, and it explains why I am addicted to ‘Astronaut Ice Cream’ (you get a packet of that thing near me, I guarantee, you won’t get a piece, I LOVE IT!), I was totally fascinated by everything there.. so to have an International Aerospace Exhibition in South East Asia.. I SO WANNA GO!

There’s Shuttle Flight Simulator, a Lunar Landing Simulator, the multi-axis trainer (you know one of those things that you spin around in all directions, THOSE ARE FREAKING AWESOME!), and a 1/6 gravity chair.. hehe.. feel the force.. the G-force that is..

The space geek in me is so excited.. hehe.. But the cherry on top of the cake was when I read the paper today, and saw Zippy’s write-up.. and there was the passing mention of Firefly.. *squee!* She had called me for a little bit of info, and I asked her to mention it.. but to see Firefly mentioned in print.. Man.. The Browncoat in me is so thrilled.

Thanks babe.. you have no idea how much it means to me.. Premium real estate on my wall..


One comment

  1. Hehehehe I’m glad most of it escaped the grasp of the sub-editors; I included five tv programmes, but they only wrote three… and I’m glad they include that one particular one, for obvious reasons (;

    See you this Friday!

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