Missing you :.

May 11, 2007

Zz’s been  bit busy lately, so we haven’t had as many or as frequent phone calls. And when he does call, it doesn’t last that long, because he’s tired, or I have to go off somewhere…

I find myself missing him more everyday. I feel his constant presence though.. All I have to look at is the adornment on my finger, and he doesn’t feel that far.

But it still doesn’t replace the phone calls before bed..

I have this weird moment that I loved when I was in KL with him.. and for some reason I think of it so often lately..

We were waiting in line for a pretzel at Auntie Anne’s, Zz was standing behind me, and he suddenly leaned in, and just smelled my hair. He actually leaned his forehead on the back of my head, and that lasted for quite a few seconds.

That moment stands out to me.. for some reason.. I’m not quite sure why.. But I loved the fact that it was so spontaneous, and soo intimate.. But yet, so subtle..

I’m thinking either in June or July, I gotta see him.. if I can get away. Most likely July,cos June is school holidays, and well, I have a program to run.

Take care, honey.. I wanna see you soon..


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