Long Day :.

May 12, 2007

It’s only 2pm, and I am bushwhacked exhausted. I was running back and forth to places today.. well, driving really.. and managed to fit in a workout.. and pick up my cousin (albeit very late!)

I’m just glad I managed to workout today.. I still am struggling to get through all my reps without stopping.. but I managed to do 50 reverse crunches straight.. aiya.. my lower abs hurt something nasty.. they’ll be sore for certain tomorrow.

My recovery time sucks. I’m still feeling sore from workout on Wednesday. I’m making absolutely no progress considering I haven’t been regular enough at the gym as it is.

Gotta keep going though..

It’s just hard to get back into it, when you’ve been out of it so long.. and plus, I’m still recovering from my minor lung infection (from my mom), so I get easily out of breath..

Just keep thinking.. Gotta keep going.. Go, Buffy, GO!


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