Simon Tam, is the man :.

May 12, 2007

Hehe… Sean Maher arrived today in the mail.. YAY!

I wish I was talking about how the real Sean arrived in a box and popped out, yelled “Surprise!” and hugged me and said he wanted to live with me forever and ever..

This will have to do though:

sean maher

It’s a picture autographed by Sean. Yay. The first piece of my Firefly collection arrives home!

*rubs hands with glee!* Oh, I is cannot waiting for rest to arrive!



  1. just do a gender flip for wolfmother’s song woman [real man instead of woman] [he instead of she] and THAT’S the song for this picture!

  2. Hi

    Not bad at all!


  3. Hello

    Real nice! I found lots of intresting things here. I will bookmark!


  4. Cool :). I just recently discovered the Firefly series and the Serenity movie. I would like to get into collecting autographs / signed prints from the cast. Do you have any suggestions or resources for contact information that you can point me to?

    Feel free to e-mail me back if you’re still checking this blog 🙂

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