Babysittin’ :.

May 13, 2007

I had the baby to myself this afternoon.. It was soo peaceful..

It was the first time since he came home that I actually got to spend a little quality time with him.. He is such a good baby.. He’s only fussy when he’s cold or hungry.. otherwise he’s brilliant.. I could watch him sleep all day..

I panicked a little the first time he cried.. because I’m still a little scared to pick him up..  I just tried anyway, and it was amazing, because in seconds he was cooing in my arms.. I love every little noise he makes.. I love when he’s fidgeting in his sleep.. I love how he’s a mini houdini and still manages to escape to matter how you bundle him up..

So I was just lying next to him, watching the little critter snooze away the afternoon.. He looked so serene.. you can’t help but feel pretty peaceful.. and before long I was asleep next to him.. Ahhh.. it was the best nap I had in ages.. and you wake up to see the most beautiful sight you could ever want to see..

I had to call Zz after that.. and I was telling him all about the best nap ever..  Shall we have three or four, my darling?

I love blissful Sundays like this..


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