Mother, you’re an inspiration.. :.

May 13, 2007

I’ve often talked about my Dad, who’s my hero..

My mom.. though we probably don’t get on that well.. is my inspiration..

She is one of the hardest working people I know.. She got herself through her Masters and Doctorate in 3/4 of the the time it took normal people.. and she did it, Magna Cum Laude, alone, in another country, away from her family and beloved children.. How she managed it, I don’t know.. She has a will of iron.. and a stubborn streak to match..

Yeah.. I guess there’s where I get it from..

Her dream is to help the students in Brunei to study better.. It’s been such a big dream, that it’s kinda rubbed off on me a little.. She wants to take the tired, poor masses, yearning to breathe free, and give them better opportunities.. show them that they can succeed when other people say they can’t or label them as stupid or problem students.

Yeah, mom, we don’t get on that often.. but in those rare moments that we do.. We have amazing moments.. I find it scary how much we do have in common.. and it still does surprise me..

Mom, I love you.. and I want to help you achieve your dreams.. because they’re mine too..

Happy Mother’s Day..


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