For the love of a geek.. :.

May 14, 2007

I love how Zz knows that he can’t separate the girl from the geek.. He’s pretty understanding when it comes to me getting all excited about the new “Buffy Season 8” comic books, or swooning over signed scripts and other stuff that he probably doesn’t ‘get.’ I totally appreciate that he doesn’t give me that “Oh God, not again!” crap when I start waxing lyrical about ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity.’

But.. you gotta love a guy who actually goes out on a limb to make his geek girlfriend happy…

I was telling Zz about the ‘Serenity’ and ‘Buffy Season 8’ comics the other day.. It was a rather long-winded whinge on my part.. on how I didn’t live in the U.S and I miss out on all the good collectibles and comic books and how I’ll never be able to get my hands on them, yada-yada, etc. He tried to cheer me up, and asked that if he could get them, would they be included in my ‘hantaran’ (dowry).. The thought of a bunch of comic books on a cloth covered silver tray, amongst handbags, shoes and the like made me giggle so much, that I completely cheered up.. And that was the end of that discussion.

I was surprised when Zz called me up this morning to ask me about the “Buffy” and “Serenity” comics.. and he asked me if I wanted him to look for them, because he had friends in the U.S with connections who were willing to help..

My heart totally skipped two beats.. I wanted to say no to his offer, because it was so much trouble, but the geek inside said, “Don’t be a sagua, say YES!” I just love that he’s making so much effort to do this.. even though it’s something that he’s not remotely interested in..

You know what, suddenly that thought about comic books as a hantaran, as ridiculous as it may seem, means so much more to me than anything else those silver trays could contain.. Other women can have their Gucci shoes, Coach and LV handbags, M.A.C makeup and yards and yards of ‘kain’.. but this girl would be ten times happier with a bunch of comicbooks, specially found because somebody loved her enough to look for them for her..

I am just so gorram lucky..


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