Little people and big plans :.

May 15, 2007

I’m starting to get ready for the School Holiday Activity Programme at Leaps.. I’m excited.. I can’t wait to work with the kids again.. I have to admit, I missed them a little.. and it’s quite exciting, ’cause working with little people can teach you so much.. I’ll be working with Maria, the mother of two of the kids involved in the programme before.. and it gives me great confidence.. because she works for a school, and she ‘gets’ it, and is helping with the planning with a couple more activities we have planned.. Yayes!

It’s gonna be more hectic though, because this time, we’re planning morning AND afternoon sessions.. The morning will be for the younger kids, and for the new ones.. The afternoon sessions will be for the older kids (ages 9 – 14), especially those previously involved in the programme..

We’re sticking to our 15 kid maximum for the mornings, and 12 in the afternoon.. Should be a managable number. Even though I have older kids in the afternoons, I don’t want to have too many because I want to be able to give them each individual attention, and not make it feel like a class but a more social group.. and they’re also testing grounds for my future book club.. Fun, fun, fun!

I love how parents are still coming back to me and saying, “Oh, my kids wanna come back to fun school.. they can’t wait!” I feel so good because I worry that I’m not doing enough for the kids, or maybe they didn’t like it.. or they’re not being stimulated enough.. and to get such positive feedback like that means that I’m doing something right.. and I should keep going..

I believe the children are our future..
Teach them well and let them lead the way..

The Greatest Love Of All


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