Ooch! :.

May 15, 2007

I’m feeling perticularly sore today..  My butt and thighs hurt something mighty nasty. I blame it on the squats yesterday.. Oww..

But 48 reps in 60 secs with approx. half my bodyweight on the bar, is quite impressive. I won the women’s category overall (because I was the only one!), but even if they placed me in the men’s category, I still would have come in 2nd. Miki and my brother-in-law were impressed, although I think Abg Eddie probably thinks I could do more..

I just remember that 30 seconds in.. my thighs were screaming.. I had to pull off a major Jedi Mind Trick to keep going… I can only hope that the expression on my face was neutral.. I needed the mind trick to keep from worrying about the little audience I gathered around the rack.. since I was the only girl who even tried for the contest..

Yeah, as always.. the only girl among a bunch of guys to challenge myself.. But I like standing out.. I like the challenge.. I never want to think that just because I’m a girl, I’m limited to certain things..

It’s an ego booster as well.. and it gives me more courage and determination to keep it up at the gym.. Yeah..

I’m taking the day off today but I’ll be back there tomorrow.. fighting it out.. Challenging myself again..

But until then… Ugh.. I’m so sore…



  1. Wow. I don’t need to know what you’re body weight is because it doesn’t matter. Very impressive!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate all and any encouragement.. I’m trying to dispell the myths about women and weights..

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