Bitten by the bug.. :.

May 17, 2007

Haha.. I knew it would happen eventually.. But Zz has now joined the gym and started lifting weights, much to my surprise and delight. Hehe.. *smoochy, smoochy syg*

Not that Zz needs to join the gym, mind.. I envy him and his high metabolism, that allows him to eat anything and everything and not gain weight.. So at least when I go to KL on an eating spree.. I pretty much have someone who can almost keep up with me.. Except that he doesn’t put on weight, and I have to work my not-so-little ass off to sweat off the pound I gained through gluttonous consumption.. Mmm-hmm.. but hey, I love food.. so I’ll pay the price for it..

But anyway, back to my Zz.. He’s gone and hired a personal trainer, which I think is well worth it if you’ve gone and done your homework and hired the right dude.. Zz wants to get a little bit stronger and toned..  Apparently he gone and told his trainer Adam about me and my squats the other day.. so Adam’s got him doing squats.. and he’s feeling it.. Oh yes, he’s feeling it..

Welcome to my world, sweetcake.. Get some vitamin C, drink plenty of water, take some protein before sleep, and I’ll call you in the morning.. *smoochy*


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