Workouts & Vitamin C :.

May 17, 2007

Yesterday was virtually a struggle and a half to work out.. I had to ignore all the signals my muscles were shooting my brain, screaming “Pain! Pain!”, and tried my best to plough through it. If the muscle soreness is pretty bad, the 2nd day is always worst than the first!

Working out was easier half-way through because Ian was encouraging me, and pushing me to do more.. He had me doing reverse crunches whilst holding 40lbs.. he was training my strength and stability.. I had just graduated to being able to do 50 reverse crunches straight, so he upped it a level..

Why I like working with Ian is that he pushes me when he knows I’m capable of doing more. I can work out on my own.. but I’d probably remain stagnant and at the same level.. with Ian.. he doesn’t let me settle for just so-so.. He enjoys training me harder than most of the guys in the gym (muscleheads excluded). I found out yesterday, he deliberately asked me to join the squats challenge, because he was sure that I’d come out top.. as most of the men in the gym don’t bother with squats.. I could have probably won it too, if it had not been a while since I last squat with heavy weights.. My disadvantage was that all this time, I had been working on mostly bodyweight exercises.. maybe next time, I can beat them all!

To help with the soreness, I’ve been guzzling fresh oranges, and orange juice.. Not sure which magazine it is,but according to either ‘Muscle & Fitness Her’ or ‘Women’s Health’, Vitamin C can curb the pain a little..

I’m not normally a fan of oranges.. but for some reason, the ones at Hua Ho have been extra sweet recently.. I say, take advantage of the fact.. Remember your 5 a day, (servings of fruit and veg, that is!)..

This has been a public service announcement by Brunette Buffy.. Have a nice day!


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