Back to basics :.

May 18, 2007

I didn’t go to the gym today because we’re having a function at the house, and my right wrist kinda hurts a little.. Not sure why.. It was doing this clicking noise yesterday.. so I rotated my hand around a bit trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.. The clicking is gone, and pain has taken it’s place.. I don’t know which is more annoying.. I’m hoping they will both go away in time for my workout tomorrow..

Trying to get back into swing of regular workout sessions. I had a month of wallowing, which meant irregular workouts, regular binging, and much slothfulness on my part.. so I gained back a bit of the fat I lost, lost a bit of the muscle mass I had gained, and also lost much of my stamina and strength.. Aiyaa! Got a whole lot of work to do.. But I’m not giving up..

Am rethinking my supplements at the moment..  Right now, I’m on Hydroxycut Hardcore.. and that’s it.. I may just start taking protein again. My recovery times between sessions are way longer than I’d like.. That extra day of soreness does make the difference.. So protein’s back in.. and besides.. I think I dropped the weight a lot faster when I was taking it than when I wasn’t. And I miss the muscles.. I definitely miss the muscle..

I might just switch the Hydroxycut Hardcore to Hydroxycut Weightloss formula. The Hardcore does work.. but that’s for more serious weight-lifters looking to cut.. I’m nowhere near that.. I’m Blubber Buffy looking to lose the blubber..

Ian and Pia are going away for a couple of weeks, so he’s left me to fend for myself.. It’s cool though.. He’s got my workout all written down in my green book.. There’s 150 and the 300.. I’m supposed to do the 150 everyday.. OY! Hate, hate, hate, hate jumpin’ jacks.. even though my fantastic bouncy new shoes make them so much easier on the legs.. Hate mountain climbers as well..

Not looking forward to when he gets back.. when I weigh in again.. *sigh*  Must. Lose. FLAB!

Someone, stake the evil fat monster!


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