Inspired yet discouraged (The tuition school rant) :.

May 18, 2007

Working with Maria today has really strengthened my resolve about what I do.. Helping little people become creative, inspired, responsible big people..

We planned, discussed, brainstormed about the fast upcoming school holiday programme.. I didn’t realise there was so much to do, and so little time.. I’m new to this whole business thing, so she was helping me create this long term, short term objective perspective, and I daresay I learned a lot today, and will learn a lot more from her.

But we also talked about the situation in Brunei and the kids.. about how girls were getting pregnant so young, children encouraged to join websites for adults, and the lack of counselling and activities..

I’m not a mom yet, as an auntie, I’m thinking far ahead for my little nephew’s future.. I want him to be bright and brilliant.. creative and inspired.. intelligent and interested.. and I want the same for every child..

But I am only one, and I can only do so much..

What I can do, I will do.. I may not be able to change the world myself.. But I will nurture the future leaders and hopefully they will be the ones to make changes..

Often, this is a pipe dream, as we live in a tropophobic society with esoteric views, and people are not willing to the price of change.. If we do not change, we are likely to get left behind.. or maybe we already are..

Looking at our regional neighbours, Malaysia and Singapore.. They have achieved so much.. and we are more than capable of doing the same.. Great plans are made, in the beginning, the talk is exciting, but when it comes to execution and follow-up.. well.. let me put it this way, talk is cheap.. doing something just is more effort/money than people want to afford.

We’ll all be living in caves when the oil runs out.. just you wait and see..

My biggest peeve of the now is Tuition schools.. Children’s lives are wasted away in them.. Yes, I understand that the teacher has 30 young minds to mould in a classroom, and sometimes can’t give each child the individual attention they need, but counting on tuition schools to back up what they should have covered in the classroom is just plain laziness.. If a child can be taught effectively by proven methods, it eliminates the need for tuition.. giving these poor overworked children a proper childhood, full of play and discovery..

I’ve heard of teachers who deliberately recommend tuition schools to parents, because the teachers themselves are (a) receiving a cut (b) sending their own students to another teacher who in turn sends their students their own tuition (c) send the problem students there so they don’t have to worry about teaching them in class..

I’m horrified and appalled.. Not all tuition schools are like that, but hearing so many horror stories.. you can’t help but wonder.. After all these places are mushrooming up everywhere.. it’s like a plague..

My mother works with teachers on methods to teach children effectively.. but unfortunately, when these teachers go back to their schools to promote and try and implement these methods, they are stopped by their colleagues.. Why?

Because they’d lose income from their tuition schools that’s why..

I’d like to see these teachers explain themselves to the higher power when kingdom come on why they did not try to implement the effective teaching methods that would help kids in their schools..

“Because the money from the tuition schools was too good..”

ZAP! *bolt of lightning, straight to hell*

-end rant-

It’s all ’bout the money
It’s all ’bout the dum dum…….
And I don’t think It’s funny
to see us fade away
It’s all ’bout the money
It’s all ’bout the dum dum…
and I think we got it all wrong anyway

We find strange ways of showing
them how much we really care
when in fact
we just don’t seem to care at all
This pretty world
is getting out of hand
So tell me how we fail to understand?

Meja, All ’bout the money


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