Precious and few :.

May 19, 2007

Since my sister got married, sister time has been little and far between… It’s understandable.. With the arrival of baby, those moments that we get to spend that was once so abundant are just so rare, that if I blink I miss it..

I got one of those moments today.. Baby was asleep in his crib, his daddy was out, and my sister was watching ‘Bold & The Beautiful’ omnibus.. and I was just hanging around.. We were both laughing at how the actors looked so tired, and aged so much.. and all other silly things.. I’d forgotten what those moments were like.. but it was so amazing and fun.. She was my sister, not a mom, not a wife.. just my big sis… and I miss her a lot..

Things have changed.. Change is unavoidable.. But you do appreciate now all the things you took for granted.. even the little things.. like moments like these..


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