So kewttt!

May 19, 2007


I like this peekture cos I is havin’ black kitteh too.. Story by Tiny Cheezburger below. So funneh.

black cat

This was The Catburger, just last night. Mind you, he had already eaten his dinner an hour before.

I was opening a can of beans (to make bean salad) with the hand-crank can opener, and: “HAI!” *happitail* “IS FOR MEEH?” “No, kitteh, is beans. You no eat beans.” “Ok, momma, I go back to bedroom now.”

Two minutes later, after rinsing and draining the first can of beans, I open another. Magic Catburger appears again. “Hai momma, I just KNOW that one is for MEEH.” “No, kitteh, is still beans.” *siiiiiiiigh* “Ok, momma, I go back to bedroom again. Stop teezin.”

Third can of beans is being opened … no Catburger. So I was left to make the rest of my dinner in peace, figuring he learned that I had nothing for him. But when I sat down with my meal, out from nowhere comes The Catburger. “Y, HALLOOOOOOO THAR. Got somefin’ fur meeeh?”

Him Catburger is has a one-track mind … all routes eventually lead to his belli.


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