Because I’m a girl :.

May 22, 2007

Today’s workout was extremely satisfying, I managed to get complete the first 5 exercises without interruptions. Usually, I manage half the reps, and by then my muscles feel fatigued so I need to rest before finishing the set. It’s a major improvement..

It was the box jumps and the mountain climbers that killed me.. Oy.. But my technique has improved.. Just need to get the stamina up..

I have new respect for Ian today.. He totally pushes me harder than most of his male clients, because he feels that I can and will do better. He’s right, I’m always up for that challenge. At the moment, it’s trying to complete all the exercises without the breaks and the huffy-puffy in-betweens.

My only envy is that, no matter how hard I work.. It will always take me longer to gain muscle mass and lose the fat.. Bloody testosterone.

Ian’s leaving on Friday, which means that I’ll be flying solo for two weeks. I’ve got out my work cut out for me, because he wants me to be able to do Workout A as a warm-up.. I’m not too worried.. I can do everything.. The only thing is, I’m gonna feel so stewpid doing jumping jacks.. all on my lonesome..

After today’s workout, I honestly think that A is gonna a lot less painful.

I have a new goal to add to my list. Ian wants me to be able to do the bird pose. Oh crap. I tried that the other day… I could barely lift my heels off the ground, and he expects me to be able to do THAT?!

Must do more handstands.. build upper body strength.. then can do.


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