Things I’ve learned at the gym :.

May 22, 2007

a) Stretch – warm up and cool down. It makes the difference between aching for one day or three.

b) The harder an exercise takes to master in the beginning, the more I will love it later on.

c) That the changes are not for anyone else, but myself.. and that should be the only reason to do it.

d) ‘Tis better to have smaller arms, than scrawny legs.

e) Nothing in life is given to you, you must fight for time in the squat rack.

f) Men will look away if they see you can lift more than them.

g) Free weights rule over machines. Anyday.

h) I can out-squat 80% of the men in my gym.

h.1) It also means that 100% of the men in my gym fear me.

i) Don’t be afraid of challenges, embrace them and emerge stronger than before.

j) I really, really hate lunges, box jumps and mountain climbers.


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