Girlie night in :.

May 23, 2007

Things haven’t so great lately.. Despite that though, I try to keep an ‘up’ attitude, because if I just indulge my feelings, everything will seem worse than they really are.. Doesn’t help the ‘odd man out’ feeling though.. I really needed some ‘Me’ time..

I love Wednesdays, because that’s my primp and pamper time.. I usually take the time to put on a face masque, and slick my hair up in some honey treatment wax, which makes it smell gorgeous and feel soft as an angel’s.

I thought I’d do myself a favour and go all out with the special treatment today..

First I bought a pair of shoes… *sigh* They’re so divine.. They’re denim and white, and as usual, they were the last pair in Charles & Keith.. (thank goodness for my big feet! Hehe..) Nothing like a pair of (discounted) heels to brighten up a girl’s day..

For dinner, I got some takeout sushi, locked myself in my room, and watched ‘Hercules’..

Yup, definitely nothing like some ‘Me’ time to rejuvenate the soul, and give the ego a little lift..

That and seeing an old nemesis and noting how much weight she’s gained.. HA! Yeah honey, you may have been Queen bitch back then, but you really let yourself go now.. I was so glad to be able to walk out of the Xcapade with my head held high because I knew that I looked better than her. She spent so much time talking trash about me way back in school, that she really tore down my confidence. I actually went over to her table and said “Hi,” and for that second that she was caught off guard I saw a flicker of envy.. Yes “babe”, if I may use the term loosely, I’m hot, you’re not..

Yes, the gym is sooo my happy place..

Right, I’m all sushified, and satisfied.. and I’m gonna get all sleepified..



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