Nightmares and Sweet Dreams :.

May 24, 2007

I guess the universe has its own way of balancing things out..

Yesterday, I had a nightmare, I had driven out to see my cousin, and after a short but sweet visit, I came out of her house, and Serenity was nowhere to be seen! I searched high and low, and absolutely no one would help me.. and I was crying my eyes out for my beloved car.. just when I had given up..  I awoke with a start… For a second, I panicked.. thinking Serenity was still gone.. I actually ran out in my jammies onto the balcony just to check she was still in her parking space..  Like Mal, to me, Serenity = Freedom, and she means a lot to me.. The panic that my dream self felt really manifested..  I just felt edgy for the rest of the day…

As if to make up for yesterday, today I dreamt I was in New York, browsing through a famous bookstore.. looking for all the books on my wishlist, and while in the Graphic novels section, who did I bump into.. None other than Joss Whedon himself.. I was instant fangirl.. I broke down and wept and told him my whole story about being a Browncoat.. and Dream Joss actually went and bought me the entire list’s worth of books, and signed them, and said he was going to write me in as a character into his next project.. *sigh* Oh how I wish…

I almost can’t wait to go to sleep again to find out what I’ll dream of next…


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