Friends and funnies :.

May 25, 2007

I went out with my friends tonight.. finally.. It was good to see them, I haven’t seen them since baby came..

It was raining pretty heavily on the way to Jerudong..  at one point, it was so bad.. I was leaning forward against the steering wheel because I couldn’t see very far ahead… Yeah, that kind of heavy..

It petered out past Empire..  Rain is funny like that in Brunei.. you could drive through a heavy spot of rain, and then there’s an absolutely dry spot.. I believe they call it scattered showers.. hehe

So I hung out with my girls and watched ‘Men in Tights’, ohmilord, it’s still so damn funny after all these years, and I love that part where the Merry men all break into song.. hehe.. I was singing along too.. cos you need to be really silly and let loose sometimes.. I didn’t realise how tightly wound up I was until I started laughing and relaxed just a bit..

I gotta have more moments like that soon…


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