The Missing Piece.. :.

May 26, 2007

If there’s one thing in life I’ve learnt.. and it’s a hard lesson.. I’ve been knocked over, scarred, and pained so many times, and despite that I stand by it.. maybe it’s the first lesson I’ve really learnt for myself..

It’s that you have to have faith..

I don’t necessarily mean just faith in God.. it’s faith in yourself.. or faith in something.. otherwise.. life becomes meaningless..

If you have something to believe in.. Even when you’re hanging by a thread.. it will keep you alive and bolstered and surviving..

The world may be against you.. It might even feel like the whole universe is conspiring against you.. The cards may be stacked not in your favour..

But you have to believe…

Fear can make us doubt.. anger will make us want to hate.. Pain makes us want to run away from the source of it..

The chips may be down.. and all we have left is the physical things that keep us going on a daily basis.. But who wants to just merely exist from day to day..

We all want to live..

But letting people, things, consequences take away our faith, our belief.. then what we have left of ourselves is merely a shell..

My friend, though you may not read this.. I wish and want to tell you.. I believe in you.. I truly do.. I haven’t given up on you at all.. I can believe for the both of us.. I can muster enough faith to move mountains..

But you need to have that little bit too..

Don’t give up and give in.. Don’t shut yourself down for the sake of not feeling.. Just don’t..

Pain, anger, fear is all things that we are allowed to feel.. but on the other side of the coin is love, hope and happiness.. if you don’t want to feel one side, you can’t feel the other.. and by not feeling, you’re taking away that part of you that makes you  human..

I don’t know where you are right now.. and I know we’re not on speaking terms.. but just because we’re not.. doesn’t mean I’ve stopped being your friend.. I’m here, if you want me to be.. I still, and always will love you.. I still and always will care for you..

If you ever feel lonely and down.. and need someone.. I am here..

I believe in you, and my faith is unshakable..

I just wish you would too..

Then you will find that missing piece.. and feel whole and complete once again..


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