Dominion, Prequel to The Exorcist :.

May 27, 2007

Am not a fan of horror or scary movies.. Even if I do go/watch, you’ll find me the worst movie date ever..

I cover my eyes.. I squeak and squeal a lot.. I chant over and over “Make it stop!” and if things are pretty nasty, I’ll end up hiding in someone’s armpit, regardless of if I know the person or not..

Once, I was watching ‘The Grudge’ in the Odeon cinema in Marble Arch with a few friends.. During one of the scary parts, I was so startled, I yelped and leapt onto my friend who was on the edge of his seat watching the movie.. I practically scared him off it..

Another time, I was watching ‘Shutter’ in my friend’s room..  There were four of us altogether.. Three of us were cuddled together on the floor watching the movie, Kay was on the sofa, his back to the television playing ‘Counterstrike’.. I got so scared at one point, I grabbed Kay.. who had headphones on.. and let’s just say it was a repeat of ‘The Grudge.’

Oh, and I went to see ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ in the cinema with a whole bunch of my friends.. Halfway through the movie, someone texted me asking me for company.. I neither liked nor disliked the person in anyway, but let’s just say tire of their company quite quickly.. Despite that, I left the movie early and went over to their place because I was already disturbed by the half of the movie I had seen.

In short.. I don’t like scary movies.

Yeah.. so why I even bothered to pick up a copy of ‘Dominion’ and decided to watch it this afternoon, all alone..

My point, EXACTLY!

However, I had read a bit about the controversy about the prequel, ages ago..  If you don’t know, there are two prequels, ‘Dominion’, which is directed by Paul Schrader, and ‘The Beginning’ by Renny Harlin.

They’re both essentially the same story..  Harlin’s take, which I have not seen, is supposedly much more closer in take to ‘The Exorcist’ itself, all scary-mary and projectile vomit. However it was not well-received at the box office, so Schrader’s version was released a year later..

Schrader’s ‘Dominion’ has the slow build-up of the thinking man’s horror. The introduction of the reason why Father Merrin had given up on his faith is just absolutely compelling.. It makes you wanna watch how this man finds reasons to restore his belief. But yet he does not hate on his religion.. he is disheartened and disillusioned.. and we find out how he becomes the person he is in ‘The Exorcist’ because of this..

Despite some excellent storytelling, you can see the moments that this movie was edited haphazardly in order to complete the story.. The film was about 90% finished when Schrader was fired and replaced.. Those bits are rather distracting and cheapen the moment somewhat..

There are a few scenes of gore.. effectively disturbing without pounding the viewer with endless blood and flesh. It’s creepy.. which is why I was able to keep my eyes open and not hide behind my bunny for the entirety of the movie.

I was surprised to see Billy Crawford in this movie, I’m more familiar with his sugary RnB annotated music, but he delivers a really good performance as Cheche..  Next time, I hope he gets given a better role, with less make-up and more acting to see how great an actor he can be.

Hmm.. gotta give the movie 3.5, at best, a really reluctant 4.

Now I gotta go watch at least 3 hours of funny, to neutralise the 1 and 1/2 of creepy..

Bunny is so sleeping with me tonight..


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