Sunday :.

May 27, 2007

So nice one, wake up at 9.30.. harr… Feel very good, well rested..

Today eat also nice food. Go to TPH, takeaway makan meh.. Butter  chicken with flied lice..

Right.. I’ll stop there, because I’m beginning to annoy myself.

I’m also beginning to think I’m losing it a little bit.

Went to get some new DVDs today.. a few movies and the series ‘Weeds’ which is about a suburban mom dealing marijuana.

To be honest, I wasn’t actually going to buy the dvd set.. but I happened to be looking closely at the blurb in the back, and *sniff, sniff*


My dad was wondering why I was smelling my plastic full of DVDs on the way home..

One of relatives happened to stop by, and I asked him, on a strange whim, to smell it.

He looked at me like I was crazy, but did it anyway.

Him : “What am I smelling for?”

Me : “Doesn’t anything smell funny to you?”

Him : “Like what? All I can smell is plastic.”

Me : “Ignore the plastic smell. Keep sniffing.”

Him : “What the hell am I supposed to be smelling?”

Me : (whispering) “Dude, does it not smell like ganja to you?”

Him: (Looking at me like I’m really crazy now) “How am I supposed to know what ganja smells like?”

Me : (trying not to look guilty) “I dunno. It smelled kinda like ganja to me…”


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