Bad Lindsay! Naughty Lohan!

May 28, 2007

So Lindsay Lohan has been arrested on the charges of alleged drunk driving and the possibility of ‘contraband illegal items’ found in/near her car.

About time too..

Nothing personal against her… I just detest what kind of example she’s been setting for the millions of kids who idolise her…

With stories about the whole ‘alleged cocaine sniffing’ incident caught on video.. and underaged drinking.. It just enrages me..

She’s the star of many teen and tween movies.. I know a 6 year old girl who thinks she’s cool.. And it scares me.. I don’t want her to think that it’s okay to be like her.. She sets all these fine examples in movies, and there’s no denying she’s a good actress.. but all this bad behavior has got to stop..

Or go underground..

Lindsay, wake up and stop smelling the pixie dust, sweetheart..  When 11 year olds are spouting you as an example of a ‘prescription drug addict’, I think it’s time to go and get clean..


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