Soul mates :.

May 28, 2007

You know what’s a cool idea.. Soul mates..

The thought that there’s someone out there that is perfect for you, that is supposed to make you whole, perfect and complete is such a wonderful notion…

But I’d like to widen that definition slightly.. what if, your soul mate is not just another half of you.. what if they were another soul that was supposed to help you complete your journey in this point in time.. or the one that you were supposed to help complete their journey… or help become the person they were meant to be..

Not that I want to completely believe in soul mates… like I said, it’s a great idea.. but there are schools of thought that say that sometimes soul mates can live many, many lives and never meet..

That whole past lives thing doesn’t sit well with me.. I wouldn’t like to think I was recycled!

But if the theory was true, that everything in the world is finite, and the only infinite is God.. so we can conclude that, in the beginning there was a finite number of souls..

But as time went on, and there were more and more people, souls became divided into many many different pieces..

Soul mates can apparently recognise each other.. like pieces of a puzzle.. so when they meet, there is some form of connection on a deeper level..

So it would explain why we form so many strong connections to people.. Have you ever felt that you met someone who just knew you, inside and out, and you felt that you can’t live without? That’s a soul mate connection..

Of course with soul mates, the connection does not necessarily have to be about love.. going back to the theory of past lives, imagine that the soul mates have lived many past lives, and have had many different kinds of interactions with each other.. in some lives, they were lovers, in some lives they were kept apart, in some lives, they may have hated each other.. so in their next life, some of the emotion that they felt previously would have carried over.. so if you feel an amazing connection to someone.. even if it’s an unexplainable hate.. you may have been soul mates in another life..

But I wanna look into the theme of love here.. Have you ever loved someone so much, even from the beginning, that your extreme feelings cannot be explained?

Have you ever felt like since the day you and that person met and connected, that there was this incredible feeling of them filling your life up in a way that no one ever has?

Have you ever felt so connected to a person, that even if they were not in the space of your daily life, that they have never fallen off your radar, that you could ‘feel’ them, sense them, and you were okay because you were still getting ‘radio signals’ from that person?

Have you ever felt that if you ever stopped thinking or loving a person, that you would stop breathing?

If any of the last four questions have applied to you, I encourage you, implore you, beg of you to take a moment out of your lives, and find this person, seek them out and start building a life connection with them, because you will have found your soul mate..

I have my own personal reasons for saying this.. Trust me when I say, if you don’t take a chance, and let it go by without even trying with this person.. you will live a lifetime of regret, emptiness and will always have a sense of yearning and incompletion.

As for this soul mate thing, where I stand.. I’m not sure.. as nice as it is to think and feel that there is one other person out there for you.. it’s also a bit sad to think that if you don’t find that person, you’re gonna always feel something is incomplete or missing..

I stand by belief though.. If you believe in something.. if you have faith in something.. it does fill up your life nicely..

I have a little story which kinda inspired me to write this entry..

A few days ago I was catching up with an old friend back in UK.. I knew he wasn’t alright because I could hear it in his voice.. after much small talk, he finally let me on to what was really bugging him..

He told me that he couldn’t get a certain girl out of his head.. that there was someone he felt so much for.. but he couldn’t or felt too scared to show it.. (this was over the course of last year..) His feelings were so intense that he was afraid.. and he couldn’t trust how he felt because he had been hurt before.. (It’s a familiar story to most, I’m sure..)

He had kept his feelings to himself.. Meanwhile, this girl got frustrated and felt that her feelings weren’t reciprocated.. and she left him.. but the hurt and the hate that she felt for him was so unbelievable and overwhelming.. He said that in the confrontation they had, it was as if a blast of fire had burned through his soul..

My friend is not one for exaggerations.. he’s so pragmatic that sometimes I wonder if he has a sense of humour.. his tale really struck something in me so deep.

It’s been a while since he has last seen her, he has leapt from relationship to relationship, yet he still feels the emptiness and strange sense of doom and incompleteness. His feelings have neither lessened nor increased since that day, and he almost feels a sense of limbo..

I told him, if he thinks that this person was the one.. the soul mate.. he has to go out and get her.. He has to have belief in it.. Because a little bit of it, can take you a long way.. a lot of it, can move mountains.

Soul mates.. I don’t know.. but I know what I feel.. and I believe it..


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