Where were you the day Superman died? :.

May 29, 2007

Great sons of Krypton, there’s a Superman/Doomsday animated movie? *squee!*

‘The Death of Superman’ was and still is my favourite Superman story arc..  Who didn’t read the story of Earth’s Greatest Hero (though I use the term loosely because most of the time he was just saving the U.S of A.), as it was covered in the media.. even black armbands with the famous ‘S’ were worn.. (I never got my hands on one, otherwise I would have worn it too!)

Superman/Doomsday is scheduled to be released in the U.S on DVD, for the shiny price of USD19.95, I am soo preordering mine.. I can’t wait to see how they’ve interpreted the story, how much of it will be in the movie (Will the other Supermen be in it? What about Supergirl?Are they going to reveal Doomsday’s origins? What about ‘The Radiant’? Betron?)

The other cool thing is, two of my favourite male Whedonverse actors are part of it. Adam Baldwin will be voicing Superman/Clark Kent, and James Marsters (oooh Spike!) will be voicing Lex Luthor (I know it will be a long shot.. but I wonder if he’s going to do it in an English accent!)  Not sure about Ann Heche voicing Lois though.. Big hmm over there..

May, get the hell outta here, roll on June and July! August, get moving… Please September get here soon!


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