Sweet surprises are made of these.. :.

May 30, 2007

 Who doesn’t like surprises in the mail? I ask you, who?

As I was at the post office this morning, opening the parcel for the customs lady, I was wondering what it was because I hadn’t ordered anything on the Internet recently.. and certainly not books, as was listed on the parcel label.. I nearly fainted when I opened up to find..

signed serenity comics

The Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin autographed Serenity Comics.. with certificates of authenticity..


I nearly smacked the customs lady for handling them a bit carelessly..  I couldn’t wait to get back to my car to admire them..

I am so gobsmacked..

Zz had said he managed to track down a couple of the comics.. but I didn’t expect them to be signed.

I am just jittering all over the place..  it’s a mixture of shock and happiness.. I tried calling up Zz several times to thank him, but I couldn’t get through.. It’s so exciting, but the whole thing kinda loses a little bit of it’s bang when you can’t share the joy.. Especially with someone who understands..

Someone who understands enough to get them for you..

I know I am one very, very lucky girl…

I just wish I could tell Zz that..

The poor boy has been so busy these past couple of weeks.. and even more so the last few days, as he hasn’t called..  *sigh* Well, what to do, I just got to be the patient girlfriend, and let him get his things done..

In the meantime, I’m going to cosy up with Mal and Jayne.. *squee!*


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