Crunch time :.

May 31, 2007

Yes Buffy.. it’s time to do your reverse crunches.

Workout was just a little off today.. I forgot to do my set of ‘animals’ warm-up stretches: the donkey, cobra, scorpion, frog and inch-worm. I don’t know the real names for the exercises, I just do them. I have to remember to do them tomorrow.. I always forget because I’m used to running straight into the weights after warm-up. I sure do gosh darn love my weights.

Today was all about the 50’s : deadlifts, push-ups, reverse crunches, etc..

I kinda skipped the box jumps today because I arrived late, and there was a class in the fitness room. I also skipped my shoulder press and switched them with upright rows instead. I’ve been trying to try them since I read about them in M&F Hers. Could only do two sets of 10, because my wrists have been bothering me lately. Note to self: consult Ian about this.

I added squats and pull-ups as well.. to switch it up.. still need to work towards my fitness goals..

A little bit of good news though.. all the work I’ve been investing at the gym has paid off.. I weighed in today with Ayeth, and to my great glee.. I’ve lost a couple of kilos.. Yaye! And this is the first time since I started working out that my BMI has dipped below 30. Gotta be grateful for small goals. Have to keep working.. want to show Ian some good results by the time he gets back from holiday.. so maybe I should just focus on the Buffy-ing and not worry about the defective social life. Go with what’s working with me right now.

Go for gold, Buffy..


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