Frustration :.

June 3, 2007

I got a lot of ideas and words floating around in my head, but by the time I’m seated in front of my laptop, everything just flies out the window.. and all the pretty words and well formed paragraphs disappear.. It’s like some eff-ing bad writer’s block McNasty. *sigh* Nothing that I really want to write is coming out..

Coupled up with some really bad body issues. Every single hang up that I have seems to me multiplied by factor 10, despite the fact that I know I’ve been doing some really hard work at the gym, and I should know better.. But I just feeeeeeel sucky.. Oh yeah, Miss Universe on tv just now.. would give any sensible girl an eating disorder.. and many a man a freaking bad hard-on..

No rutting jedi mind powers can save me right now.. I am so ‘Dark Side.’

I need a holiday, not like that’s going to happen anytime soon though..  I’m easily pleased.. A weekend at the local Beach resort will do.. Fluffy beds with bad pillows.. a gorgeous bath with a view of the sunset.. a few friends.. and lots and lots of sleep.. Ah.. I could live with that..

Either that or a short jaunt to Singapore.. of course that would mean endless eating.. but hey.. I’d sacrifice my calorie counting for the sake of a little R & R.. and I’d get a week’s pass at a local gym..

It’s that whole.. working hard and getting nowhere issue, I suppose.. Yeah.. you know what.. I’m going to take some leave and head out.. I think this restless soul just needs a little adventure..


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