‘Tayto chips and guilt trips :.

June 3, 2007

I’m contemplating whether to start munching on some bloody potato chips.. I’ve been almost religious in my zeal to work out the past few days.. so I think I’ve earned a few.. Unfortunately, you know once you start, you can’t stop ’til the entire bag is gone.. and even then.. you’ll be licking your fingers just to get the last remnants of the salty savoury not-so goodness.. *sigh*

I’m starting to get gorram bored with the workouts Ian has left me with.. he’ll be back in another 5 days. Must keep going. It’s all to easy to take a couple of days off, and much harder to haul ass and back into some sort of routine.. Part of my dissatisfaction is also because the 2 kg I’ve lost wasn’t really a big loss, because it’s part of the 3 kg I gained from bumming around for most of March and April. There’s also a bit of frustration, because as much work as I do.. my gains and losses are minimal.

I have to be realistic though.. It took years to ruin myself.. it’s gonna take as much time, or more, to fix it. I don’t expect miracles, but sometimes, your mind can’t help but wander to some more superficial methods of losing weight.. like plastic surgery for example.. Not that I would.. I’m scared of needles.. so having some big sucking vacuum violate my insides multiplys fear by ten… but at times you do get desperate..

Desperate enough to eat oatmeal for example..  First day I actually managed to eat breakfast… Although now I’m thinking, I’m not really missing out on much at all.. Then again, they say that all good food tastes bad.. and the stuff that’s bad for you tastes like heaven.. I’m starting to believe it’s true..

I’ve read the hype.. I’ve gotten an online Phd at every bodybuilding forum/site about how to do the fat loss, muscle gain thing.. And they all, and even Ryan ‘I’ve got abs to kill for’ Reynolds say the same thing. Eat every 3 – 4 hours.. and make sure it consists of protein, fat and carbs. Fine, sure.. the eating part is okay.. but choices here are limited. I could probably live off cottage cheese, it ain’t too bad.. But that’s in short supply here.. I’m not a big tuna fan.. but the want/need to lose that extra poundage drives me to eat it.. The sliced meat is all salty.. so eww..  Oh turkey, you food of kings.. not available.. I could live off turkey slices forever.. If I wanna start eating right, it means cooking..

Jeez.. the things you gotta do to get buff…

It almost drives you towards that KFC bucket.

Note that I said almost..


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